The paintings of Roberto Bozzi thrill a refined stage to the

The fortemarmina gallery "Quarto Platano" of Paolo Barberi, at 29 Mazzini street, has received an enormous success devoting the whole summer season 2001 to one man show of the painter Roberto Bozzi,  artist marchigiano landed to Forte dei Marmi with flattering precedents in shows prepared to Ancona and Cremona. Bozzi exposes up to September 7 and he has found to Forte  an ideal "anchorage" and, also having in project a great exposure to Florence, it holds to be able to make the fortemarmina Gallery as a point of constant reference setting in permanent show his valuable works.
   The paintings of Bozzi distinguish themselves for the recurrent technique of the oil on table, pictorial way that also confers them great value.The preferred style is that of the modern figurative,  that often "squeezes the eye" to the abstract (some critical ones also speak of impressionism and romanticism "noir"). Just this tendency sets out the figure of the artist from usual canons, thanks to a personalized language and to a free and uninhibited use of the color, that is expressed in intense cobalts and in red "convincing" in which escapes ogle of white and yellowish light. The subjects are in prevalence fascinating lunar or "Martian" landscapes, traced with animated brushstrokes and indexes of great expressive safety, purchased thanks to a patient job of search that, surely all other than exhausted, it still reveals strong tensions to possible evolutions. 

But that which mostly strikes in Bozzi it is his extraordinary ability to warn, around us and the things, something elusive that only the art has the power to translate in images.
   As if the artist turned himself into a subject "exiled" from the earth and tenses to investigate unexplored worlds and still wound in seductive mysteries. Everything orally illustrated because the artist is also a capable writer and poet.

Franz Arrighini
From the newspaper "The Nation" of August 31 st 2001