Born in Ancona, Roberto Bozzi has been residing in Cremona since 1974.

He started to write stories and novels when was sixteen years old and after the Scientific High School he attended the University in Parma, where on 9th December 1988, with the famous professor Marzio Pieri, he took the degree in Literary Subjects, with artistic course, with flying colours.

The pictorial art has been absolutely dominant in his mind for any years. He has taken part to several collective pictorial exhibitions till arriving in 1995 to his first personal exhibition in Cremona, by the Cremonesi Artists’Association.

His first very important stage is in Bologna, by the Trimarchi Modern Art Gallery, to which he is still linked and where he staged an exhibition, supported by the Primo Levi University, from 23rd May to 23rd September 1997.

Roberto Bozzi has exhibited from 10th to 29th January 1998 at Grasselli Palace, by the Cremonesi Artists’Association, coming back therefore to Cremona, the city where he lives and works. Here, on 8th May 1998, he represented with great success, at the Cittanova Palace, with the support of the the Council of Cremona and the critic presence of the Sen. Prof. Angelo Rescaglio and together with the pianist Alessio Gila, “Colours and Sounds”, the fascinating meeting between a new pictorial orientation and the pianistic impression of C. Debussy.

On 20th March he has opened in Ancona a prestigious personal show, prepared by the Atelier of Arco Amoroso on invitation of Assessorato ai Beni Culturali of the Provincia of Ancona, presented by the Prof. Antonio Luccarini, Chairman of the Culture by the Comune of Ancona.

In April 2000 Roberto Bozzi was once again at the impressive “Atelier of Arco Amoroso”, among various artists in an exhibition that yearly evokes the most significant stages of the exhibition seasons in the province of Ancona. In the summer of that same year the artist took successfully part to the Expo Arte “Jesolo 2000”, an important show held at the Congress Building of Jesolo Lido.

In the summer of 2001 he prepared a personal exhibition at the Art Gallery “Quarto Platano”, in the impressive and historical Mazzini Street of Forte dei Marmi, moving a refined and attentive public to a great enthusiasm.

Other two one man shows in Cremona in 2002, and in Bologna in 2003, till being invited on March 2004 from dott. Giuliana Calogiuri Consales, President of “Mediterranea”, Academy for the study of the Mediterranean Civilization from the Adriatic sea to the Straits, to open in Ancona an important one man show in the very elegant expositive Hall of the Rettorato of the Polytechnic University of the Marche, presented and looking forward from the Alderman to the Culture prof. Antonio Luccarini.

For the whole summer of 2004 the artist is in Versilia again, in Forte dei Marmi, with his second one man show by the Art Gallery “ Quarto Platano”.

In May 2005 he presents his works in Sirmione, with a complex and refined show setted up in the Civic Room of Flaminia Square, and last summer he came back to Versilia, with some particoularly works in exibition in Pietrasanta, by the Art Gallery of Barbara Paci.

Subsequently the author  take care of the setting up of three new one man show, which will be follow inaugurated in Cremona, Milano (ArteGioia107 gallery) and Forte dei Marmi. 

Since 2006 Eldec SpA has chosen Roberto Bozzi as main artist of contemporary art and is promoting and selling its artworks all over Italy.  In the spring of 2007, the artist realized, inside the Diego Bertilotti's famous fashionable place Zanzibar Versilia in Forte dei Marmi-Italy, an important oil artwork with a base of seven metres on a marine pine wall entitled "In the marine night".

In 2008, during one exhibition in Italy, Roberto Bozzi met Mr. Gary Marenzi, President of MGM, that then became a huge fan and his dearest friend. Mr. Marenzi honored the artist by furnishing his house and his office in LA with some of Roberto's works. From 2010 Roberto Bozzi is working in Santa Monica, LA.