Movement, light and search. The cremonese artist Roberto Bozzi. In his paints intensity and mystery

Its technique is that of the "oil on table".
   The style is that modern figurative, that trespasses at times in the abstract thanks also to a fanciful and refined use of the color, that has a preference for intense tones.
   The artist is Roberto Bozzi, born to Ancona but cremonese since 1974, that now presented again his "Gallery" in 47, Garibaldi avenue to Cremona. Graduated with praise to Parma in literary Subjects, he has always devoted with great intensity to that passion that has never given him truce, the painting, that has brought him to participate to several pictorial collective reviews thin to arrive, in 1995, to his first personal show to Cremona, near the Artists Cremonesi association. The point of departure.
   The Nature through her fundamental elements, the sense of the endless and the Mystery, contain some the meaning of his pictures and they reflect the attempt to express through the feelings of the mind the sense of the search, the strive to go there more and more every day, without knowing, previously, where will arrived.
   And in all this it places (immediately noticed it seeing his jobs) the narrow relationship, almost obsessive, with the movement. Everything is to become, the life, the light, the colors and the feelings. Bozzi seems to express so, with tools extremely sharpened, his style projected to the search of the depth.

The variations of the blue and the whites, the space devoted to the light, the abstract forms that weave with the reality of landscapes and open sceneries, again offer tables that open the doors to horizons that, at the end, belong to every of us.

Felice Staboli
From the newspaper " The Province" of January 3rd 2003