An inebriating melody. In crystalline visions, the free song of Roberto Bozzi

Roberto Bozzi conducts an expressive search of sure interest, adopting a very personal language out of the common schemes. In Cremona its works wink from the brittle of "LaGalleria", his new personal atelier, to n. 18 of Solferino road, where they capture the curiosity of the many passer-bys that passed in street.
Its painting cannot be considered without speaking of sea, of water, of wind. Even if from many years he is living in  Cremona, to a city of sea, Ancona, Bozzi ties his roots, and to the sea he returns with alive transport in the pictures that he paints. Not by chance he signature his works with the silhouette stylized of a dolphin.
   His oil-pictures are set to the attention for the predilection for an alive and bewitching (green, blue, violet) color, spread out not uniformly, but with fluctuating course, open to tones descending gradually and to blades of clear light. Dynamic pictures, that recall the rhythm modulated of the waves of the sea and the sweet exhale of the wind. Within this pagination can be recognized  spaces and forms.  Spaces of water, of earth, of sky... not well defined, but suspended in a stylized dimension, abstract. Immense, without limits,  lost in distance and in depth. Inside of them, the  living forms, animals, vegetables, humans, appear small, harmless. Without weight, the man harmonically adjusts himself melting almost, with all the elements of a world of grace and silence.

A feeling of perfect tuning emerges among all the beings of the creation and the universe that  winds them.  Then this seems the main idea of the work of Bozzi, a deep aspiration, that become lyric song, sweet and intoxicating melody, of liberty, of purity, of beauty.

A sing that is expressed also through the reiteration of recurrent symbolic forms, the dolphin, the flamingo, the inclined small boat offshore...  Imagines of beauty and liberty.

Daniela Mattarozzi
From the newspaper "The Catholic Life" of July 9 th 1999