Expressive vivacity in the work of Roberto Bozzi

   It is the first show of Roberto Bozzi that I have wanted to show up in Bologna, city of art for excellence and that notoriously has a very careful and refined public. I have known this artist and his work through a common friend and I can say that I was made very curious of it and spellbound at the same time. I have wanted to understand better the author, entangled by these works from where so many different worlds emerges: the ballerinas, the sea backdrops, the great vortexes and that endless landscapes where sometimes detach small and distant figures as the farmer with the plow, country-women and other characters of a past that it is always alive and present in the memory of the artist, that describes these beautiful imaginations with an unbelievable mastery of colors.

Mariagrazia Trimarchi
Text published in the Newspaper of Gallery
compiled on the occasion of the personal show
inaugurated in Bologna the 23rd May 1997