Of this painting

The Russian painter Vasilij Kandinskij has written:

   Every art contains one of its mystery, it has one wealth of his leading, he makes projection of a message that would want to reach the sensibility of "who sees", of "who observes", for then to solicit to question him to him. From these tables, from the strong and rich colors of different tonality, an invitation goes out to consider the life as a not easy game, from the red hot contours, in a fabric compositive that however, then it opens to a dimension of height.
   The walk is tortuous, the finishing line doesn't immediately appear, but, far it opens a light of hope made by a sudden shine, to open of a horizon that before you didn't notice.
   The theme, goes out often of the known artistic subjects in a peculiarity that doesn't leave indifferent: a nervous line accompanies the creation of the subject, almost to point out the hard-working search of the truth, that every artistic job also contains, an impassioned meditation on the because fundamental to exist. Painting of search this, that privileges meditative tones, with the secret desire to recover an identity in the vast world of the being.
   The Russian painter Vasilij Kandinskij has written: "The picture is an external expression, in pictorial form, of an internal impression." Also in these works a picture of soul is gathered, with an instinctive urgency to land to the finishing lines of the absolute one overcoming the barriers of the ended one, that prevent the best internal realizations.

Angelo Rescaglio
Text published in the Newspaper of Gallery
compiled on the occasion of the personal show
inaugurated to Cremona October 28 th 1995