A strong passion that he makes art

The artist, has today a lot of satisfactions. It is the only activity in which one invents his work and his own way to live.

He is said that the art is the construction of all of this that is spontaneous, to underline the value, together, of the originality and of the universality; that's why the painter Enrico Castellani annotates: "The artist, has today a lot of satisfactions. It is the only activity in which one invents his work and his own way to live."
I recover well these ideas, while I am still writing some pictorial job of Roberto Bozzi, that intensely continuous to "to give", with enthusiasm, to the artistic world, conjugating rushes of youth and reflection of maturity, in a final reality that arouses sure affairs, in who observes and it is questioned.
Its colors are testimony of intense expressive vivacity, with blue that, they don't perhaps belong to typical natural sceneries, but that they easily conquer the intelligence (and this is not few, if the art, with its realizations, it avoids only to influence, from the outside...), arousing the idea that the "beautiful" it is one of the ways according to which truth is present.
That dreamy worlds, those losses of eye toward an endless without history... I don't otherwise explain me them, if not thinking about the need of the artist to individualize secrets that give great meaning to the search of the "true."
The "composition" it doesn't always have a linear course, it introduces, almost suddenly, breakups of the initial equilibrium, because the world of the human one strongly appears diversified to the eye of the Painter, careful and partecipe of the lived one: an order doesn't exist in the things that he introduces him, as life is interwoven of so many strange novelties.
It seems to warn this "painting" that, around us, anything exists of elusive, but strongly suggestive, that cannot leave to its destiny: it questions yourself, it admonishes you, it repeats you that it is alive.
And whether to say, then, of those "lights", equally sudden, that appear to break the equilibrium to bring you to the multiplicity of the to exist? A lightening light also, as it is always that that bursts out from the secret of your conscience to bring back you to a particular certainty.
And of the "certainties" it feels the charm the pictorial search of Roberto Bozzi, that seems well me interpreters the thought of Yves Klein (dead French painter in 1962): "For me the colors are of the living beings of the very evolved individuals, that integrate him with us and with the whole world. The colors are the true inhabitants of the space." 
Meanwhile, this Art is in walk, new sceneries will open, while we are living with so much boldness the present.
Angelo Rescaglio 
Text published in the Newspaper of Gallery 
compiled on the occasion of the personal show
inaugurated to Cremona October 28 th 1995