On 23rd October 1999 Roberto Bozzi has opened in Cremona

The following is part of the speech pronounced in that occasion by Senator Prof. A. Rescaglio.

Well, I think that this evening is ending a first artistical itinerary of Roberto Bozzi, an itinerary that, in these years has leaded him to remarkable improvements and to reach new goals, always with the passion that belong to a young.

I was thinking now, while I came here running from an other place, to that first show in via Palestro, I think five years ago, and at that time it could seem a makeshift start, but already then I was saying, intervening so, in a quite extempore way, that I felt something that would have given significance to this artistical itinerary.

Then that very beautiful evening at Cittanova when music and painting joined together in a choreography which has got an own profound meaning and has been for us a great point of reference.

This evening, in this new seat which will also be the place of study, the working world of the artist, ends this itinerary. But it is neither a final point of arrival, because there are no points of arrival in art, as Michelangelo told in one of his documents... Certainly, it only needs to think to his youth and imagine facing what may be there, therefore forms will change and colours will obtain also other suggestions: but there are the strong introductions of an artist that with a lot of passion has understand that painting was a way to speak to this time of our, I was saying now, in the few references to television, that is to say he has found his profound, personal message, and this is a document of life.

And which is the way run, the goal reached in the years by this artist? I say it is the colour. When I came here, the day before yesterday, to see the latest paints, I have been impressed by the red ones because I did not know them very well yet; I always thought to the lightblue ones, to the blue, to the delicate yellow.

The colour, colour has been the peculiar feature of this artist since when I knew his first show, and around colour he has synthesized his way to see; a colour which is light, which is sun, moment of half-light, many things. The light that is the “story” of an artist who will know the nature around him and that, see with attention, identify itself a lot in the light. When we live days without sun it seems for a moment to be out of life.Colour has always been his great secret, from lightblue, to black and red, and certainly other goals are facing.

For this painting intuition of the reality is like a play of images that the artist’s fantasy create, where you cannot find nothing of final if you want: they are intuitions, intuitions given there, thrown there like a very strong boulder that neverthless become a point of reference, a moment of pause to think to other things. And it is not difficult to see in these compositions, in these paints a great originality; this is their secret, originality.

We are here in a painting, I have already told several times, in a painting that will not have many competitors, that presents itself like unique because unique is the way to feel.
I am in the impossibility, looking again at these paints in front of me, not to note and underline the wonderful harmony of the whole.

The harmony has been the great discovery of the science in these last decades, the harmony: also in this painting the artist succeedes to give this harmonious sense of the whole; if you stop for a moment to observe you will realize immediately that the eye is sure to be facing to a world armoniously made.

Naturally these are projections towards an infinite.I thought here the day before yesterday, when I saw these paints, the young Leopardi who stopped to reflect on the incantation of the moon, on the importance of time, on the imagine of the sea, and found all the resonances that leaded him towards very far worlds, worlds you cannot know but you feel they belong to you.

Also here I see the strong attraction of the infinite, an infinite that belong to the individuality of the artist, something inward, deeply feel, that projects itself in these lights.Basically there is a great need to live here, a great need to play the song that belong to life and that is of a young.

Here is therefore this intense love for one’s own work, because this painting is a dialogue with oneself, and this is not such a few important thing. If he were become painter voluntarily, so, makeshift, he would have given us lots of imitaitons, he would have made lots of views, I cite the view because it is usually the theme more usual in the wolrd of painting, or the portrait: no, this artist has discovered something absolutely new, that is a deep dialogue with oneself.

I close there with three considerations I have took back thinking just to the painting of this artist.

Morandi, an Italian painter died in 1956, told in a very significant text of himself: “feelings and imagines arouses by the visible world that is formal world, are difficult to express or perhaps inexpressible with words; they are infact feelings that have not got any connection or they have a very indirect one with emotions and with the daily interests because they are determined precisely by forms, by colours, by space and by light”.

Here is Morandi talking about forms, colours, space: imagine what is here space, it is something not defined, they are the unlimited space, that neverthless are evocative because they lead you very very far. What is there in that “very very far”, you know, it is difficult to say; but Morandi told that these spaces are determined by forms, by colours and by light. And Alberto Moravia, who was not an artistical critic, but sometimes measures himself also with painting, writes: “ banish nature from art with its contradictions, its diversities, its whim, its freedom and you will have an art devoid of educational power”.

It is common knowledge that art has an educational power and, as I have already told, in this painting we want to give a message, lead to a moment of consideration, of peaceful consideration. The artist with his thriving wise wants to tell you, stop for a moment in this world so difficult to understand.

I end with a consideration of the great writer Papini: “Art must not consist only in the representation and celebration of movement, but a furios shock, a stroke of wheel sometimes is right in a too old earth, inhabited by too manynumb ultra conservatives”. I think that here, in this painting, we have this shock, which makes us a little younger, and that is the new we are facing to.

Papini writes again: “but painting does not come out from hand, it comes from brain, it comes from the whole soul, art is novelty, originality, search, creation and not repetition, also perfect, of paints already done”. I think we are here in the exact understanding of the painting of this artist: art is novelty, originality, search, creation.

I see this in his painting and I wish he would continue giving us means to reflect, he were a teacher for young people – and this seat became a place to reflect and think, and I think this is what our time really need.