Variazioni A - B - 60x80 - 2001 and Variazioni B - A - d. 60 - 2001

Two independed works and simultaneously interactives

Published on: 06/06/2014

Variations A - B and the following , Variations B - A, are two independed works and simultaneously interactives: this work and the following one (Variation B - A) are at the same time independent from each other but also tightly "interactive".

Interacting, the two works are both able to turn into other different and suggestive works.

Tha central insert of Variations A - B can be replaced with each of the exactly alike insert applied in Variations B - A, and it can be put in place instead of each of them ( the blue insert of Variation B - A can be considered the "lacking part" of Variations A - B).