Gary Marenzi

A great man with a great heart

Published on: 10/06/2014

Gary Marenzi, one of the most highly regarded executives
in the international television business, is the founder
and President of Marenzi & Associates, which provides
strategic management advice and implementation to major
companies in the media and entertainment industry
like Lucasfilm Ltd. and IMAX Corporation.
Among the many managerial positions held, there are
the Presidency of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Worldwide
Television, and of Paramount International Television, as
well as the membership of various Boards (National Association
of Television Programming Executives, Executive
Committee of the International Television Academy,
Executive Branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts
and Sciences).

Gary Marenzi is a great man with a great heart… He
is one of the gratest appraiser and collectors of my artworks:
some years ago he honored me by placing some
of my artworks in his house and in his famous MGM’s
Los Angeles office, next to the numerous Oscar statues.
Thanks to him, it was possible to my artworks to get to
USA and Los Angeles, where everyone said they absolutely
deserved to be seen, having their right, enthusiastic
And with Gary Marenzi, I hope soon to be able to create
a Foundation closely linked to the deep meaning of my
artworks, in defense of Nature and of our beloved planet
everything we owe to.

Our great friendship is my new web site first beautiful durable news. 

Thanks, Gary…